Richard D. Blackstone

Award Winning Author, International Speaker, Master Life Creator


There are two questions in life that demand answers:


This is what one reader had to say about how this book had a profound effect on their life;

In “Who You Really Are & Why You Are Here” Richard Blackstone has definitively delivered his spiritual message with great depth of vision and universal love. He demonstrates why it is so important for us, as our own creation to be consciously awake and aware of our magnificent potential in every moment. The description Richard creates regarding the birthing process from pure spirit to a spirit with a physical body is emotionally profound. He has given us a place to ponder our chosen existence. This book is an illumined guide through life changing questions that you may have the answers to only after being shown the fundamentals of the Mystery.

Paula May, Executive Director At Ease Home Care

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"Who you Really Are & Why You Are Here

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Without the answers to these questions your life is often experienced with frustration, scarcity and conflict!

 Answering these two questions allows abundance, health and harmony to flow into your life effortlessly!

      You want abundance, health and harmony in your life. We all do. But, are these concepts fleeting and temporary or are they a constant part of your life experience? 

     What is it worth to you to truly live in abundance, including total financial freedom? To live in absolute health, not just your physical health but total wellness in mind, body and spirit? And to experience complete harmony in every relationship in your life, including your relationship with your environment and the source of your existence.  

Does this sound familiar? 

     Your life is filled with a variety of experiences. Many of these experiences seem to serve you well, but all too often, many more do not. They seem to hinder your growth and deny the very abundance in life you are seeking. 


 Perhaps you have not found the answers to these two essential questions. 

“Who Am I?”
“Why Am I Here?”

     Do you know who you are? I don’t mean what your name is and what you do in your life. I mean “Do you know who you really are?”

      Do you know why you are here? I don’t mean what you do for a living or your role as a husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter or whatever. I mean “Do you know the very reason that you exist at all?”

 ANSWER THIS QUESTION: “If you had the authentic power to create your life in any manner that you choose, would you use that power to bring abundance, health and harmony into your life effortlessly?” 


      This authentic power, that you already possess, is revealed to you when you understand “Who You Really Are & Why You Are Here.”


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"Who you Really Are & Why You Are Here

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Richard D. Blackstone

Award Winning Author, International Speaker, Master Life Creator

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P.S. The definition of insanity is to continue what you are doing but expecting different results. You must change the way you are thinking and think different thoughts if you want to truly change your life.

     What I am offering you is a different perspective on how you think about your life and how this different perspective can change your life in amazing and dramatic ways.

     Try this easy, risk-free offer to truly understand “WHO YOU REALLY ARE & WHY YOU ARE HERE” so you can see for yourself how effortless your life can become when you know WHO YOU REALLY ARE.


P.P.S. The benefits included in this low price are ABUNDANCE (including financial freedom), HEALTH (including total wellness in mind, body and spirit) and HARMONY (including your relationship with everything that exists, seen and unseen).

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"Who you Really Are & Why You Are Here

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Here is feed back I got back from someone that I had asked to read the book before I published it;

Thanks so much for entrusting me with your work. Very well done! Your style of writing is very clean and straightforward, which makes it easy to read. Using this style encourages the reader to feel like it is something they can understand and facilitate in their lives. I truly believe in your depth of understanding and knowledge. I applaud your efforts and dedication to your truth. The world needs to hear what you have to say. Don’t stop now. Blessings and much success,

Lori Dunbar

The Definition of Insanity 

“Expecting different results from what you do, but continuing to do the same thing.” 

Albert Einstein told us, “You can not expect to change your experience by thinking the same thoughts that got you there. You must change the way you are thinking and think different thoughts.” 

     Starting today, allow abundance, health and harmony to flow into your life effortlessly. Here are just a few of the transformational concepts inside WHO YOU REALLY ARE & WHY YOU ARE HERE”. 

Okay, so what’s the cost for this incredible resource?

     What is it worth to transform your life from frustration, scarcity and conflict to Abundance, Health & Harmony? You will agree that this is priceless information! 

     Well, in a world of pure concept this would be true, but we live in a world of physical reality and part of that physicality is the idea of value delivered for money exchanged.  

     I know this book has extreme value because the concepts and practical applications in this book have changed my life from a person who was sleepwalking through life, and feeling I had little or no control of my life, to a life where I actively manifest whatever I desire, including Abundance, Health & Harmony. 

     The KEY is in understanding “WHO YOU REALLY ARE” and then using that knowledge to tap into the true authentic power you already possess.

      You could attend seminars for years and spend thousands of dollars. Would that serve you? Yes. 

     You could spend $597 on a training course and that would serve you as well. 

     You could order several books at $20-$30 dollars apiece and spend months or years reading them. That too would serve you but you wouldn’t have all the answers in one easy to read format.  


     I made this life transforming resource available to you in the downloadable form of an e-book. (You can be reading it in minutes)

     This way I can pass along my cost savings to you in a win-win exchange. And don’t worry, downloading WHO YOU REALLY ARE & WHY YOU ARE HERE is a real snap. I am no “techno-whiz” and I had no problem (this works perfectly with both MAC and PC computers.) 

     The fantastic value that is delivered to you in this manner makes this information available to you instantly. Just the one aspect of manifesting financial abundance into your life is worth the investment. 

     Your total investment in the improvement of your life by understanding “WHO YOU REALLY ARE & WHY YOU ARE HERE” is just $17.97. 

     A Tremendous Value. It is worth $17.97 to invest in your life, isn’t it? Only you can answer that question.  

     To change your life you must change your thinking and think different thoughts.” Thank you again, Albert Einstein

Here is what another reader said about how the concepts presented in "Who You Really Are & Why You Are Here" book effected their life and the lives around them;

My husband and our 26 year old son read your book before Christmas. They both enjoyed it very much, as did I, for all the life transformational concepts it presents as well as the logical format in which it is written. It is clear, has great examples throughout, and can definitely be read more than once. I very much enjoyed your example of comparing our level of awareness and consciousness as going through the fog until it lifts. It is very rich and is a book that can change many people’s lives if they so choose.

Renee Guenette, Author of Witness the Magic and Life in a Nutshell

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"Who you Really Are & Why You Are Here

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     I promise your situation is not unique. And more importantly, your situation is NOT hopeless. 

     The big problem is that people who suffer from frustration, scarcity and conflict have been conditioned by the three myths about life since birth.

     The three biggest myths about life that keep abundance, health & harmony from flowing to you effortlessly. 

  1. The first myth is that you are a separate being unto yourself.

  2. The second myth is that there are a limited number of resources.

  3. The third myth is that life happens to you and you have little or no control over it.

     If you believe in any or all of these myths then you have been conditioned to experience frustration, scarcity and conflict throughout your life. This will not change until you change your beliefs about these myths. 


     You possess the power to change your beliefs about these myths and thereby change your life.